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How Do Clitoris Pumps Work?

Do you want to pump your clitoris? This small organ is the focal point of pleasure for all women and who could resist.

Pump your clitoris and see what you get during sex for you and your partner. The clitoris is an erectile organ, just like the penis, and when a woman gets excited, she gets an erection in her clitoris, only because of its size because it may not be so noticeable. This organ is small but has so much power that it is the key to orgasms in women.

So experience stronger orgasms by pumping your clitoris. This is attributed to the fact that you are saturating the clitoris with blood causing it to be erected and nourished. Or it may also be the fact that the idea of ​​having your swollen and large clitoris that helps you to reach orgasm better excites you.


Give yourself a little sexual help by pumping your clitoris and see how it grows in size inside the cylinder, swelling and becoming more sensitive!

To practice clitoral pumping, it would be good to remove pubic hair even if this organ is between the lips, it would be better not to get in the way during the pumping process. Sometimes some hairs can get into the cylinder and this does not allow it to seal well with the skin, so there is loss of suction during the pumping process.

Once the pubic hair has been removed or at least trimmed, you will need to apply a little oil or cream on the edge of the cylinder. Apply a generous amount, this will help create a good seal between the skin and the cylinder.

Use a cylinder of the appropriate size for your clitoris, most women will occupy a small cylinder to start. Women with large or more experienced clitoris and are trying to develop their clitoris may use larger cylinders depending on the use they are giving.

To pump the clitoris, separate your legs exposing your vagina and separate the vaginal lips to discover the clitoris. When you have your clitoris exposed, place the cylinder on your clitoris making sure it is centered right in the middle of the cylinder. Press the cylinder against your body and hold it like this, with the other hand, actuate the suction bulb to remove the air from the cylinder. Watch as the clitoris begins to expand inside the cylinder and the sensation it gives you.

Once the clitoris is sucked into the cylinder to the point that you can tolerate. You can leave it in place for some time, if you feel you are losing pressure, activate the vacuum pump once more to suck the clitoris and maintain pressure. Usually with the clitoral pumping the pressure is not lost as much as in other parts of the body that are desired to be pumped due to the smaller area and the size of the cylinder.

Pumping your clitoris according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After a while you can remove the cylinder from your clitoris, you will notice that the clitoris swelled and increased in size caused by the vacuum that was generated. The temporary increase and / or swelling varies depending on how much pressure you used and how long you pumped.

Once you have accomplished the desired swelling or size, you can start having a little fun with your biggest clitoris. You may even give your partner some competition with an enlarged clitoris. You will notice that the clitoris feels more sensitive to touch after your pumping session. Some women find it easier to reach an orgasm after their clitoris has been pumped.

How to use the vaginal pump and enjoy it to the fullest

Steps to follow:

  • In the stores of erotic products you can find different varieties of vaginal pumps, its function is to increase the pleasure during masturbation generating a sensation similar to that of oral sex but much more pleasant, because the suction is greater, which leads to orgasms quite intense It also increases the size of the area and gives greater sensitivity so that sex becomes much more incredible and delicious
  • There are suckers for the entire vagina and others only for the clitoris, one of the areas in which a girl can receive more pleasure. Ideally, you should have at home a penis-shaped dildo for when you feel like penetration and a vaginal pump for when you want to experience powerful sensations similar to oral stimulation
  • This erotic toy is not necessarily for use when you are alone, you can also share it with your partner masturbating in front of him. But also the effect it causes on the appearance of the vagina is curious because due to suction the lips and clitoris look swollen and larger, something that is very exciting for many men, so he can also have fun
  • But this sex toy also helps to stimulate blood circulation in the vaginal area which translates into greater sensitivity and much more intense and pleasant orgasms, so satisfaction is guaranteed for both her and him.
  • Before using the vaginal pump you should read the product instructions very well, however there are general recommendations that can help you. To enjoy it much more, a complete depilation of the vaginal area is advised, in this way the sucker will grip much better and will fulfill its desired effects
  • Place the vaginal pump in the correct position to cover your entire vulva, or in the case of clitoral use, the clitoris. This sex toy comes with the ideal way to get it, so you will not have major problems
  • Start pumping at a regular rate, don’t do it too fast. You will notice how it begins to generate a feeling of emptiness that will stimulate the entire area by making it and making it very very sensitive to any stimulus. It is advisable not to use the vaginal pump for more than half an hour.
  • Dare to try this accommodating sex toy and use it alone or with your partner. Give your life a little spicy and enjoy without fear of your sexuality


Never apply too much pressure or suction when you are starting to pump your clitoris. This can cause rupture of capillary vessels and other complications that would be best avoided by starting with low pressure.

Always wash your clitoris pump with soap and water or an adult toy cleaner. It is important to prevent the growth of bacteria in the artifact.

Do it at your own risk and use common sense to prevent and avoid injuries.

To help you choose for your next clitoris pump, here is a complete lineup of lovegasm products.

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