academiadoprodutormusical.com offers all kinds of activities, courses, and workshops related to sexuality. Obviously, all this is possible thanks to a professional team that is passionately dedicated to their work.

With easy access to porn online, increasing violence & peer on peer exploitation in relationships and endless misinformation from the media about sex, it’s no wonder that so many of them feel overwhelmed by the relentless pressure to enter their teenage years sexually experienced and available.

At academiadoprodutormusical.com we seek to be at the cutting edge of young people’s experiences. We offer a safe place and a positive framework for building self-confidence and healthy relationships. We think that this empowers them to value their uniqueness and equips them for good decision making. We do this by empowering adults to have significant conversations about relationships and sex with their young people.

If you are a professional of sexuality and you like to deal with the public, communicate, teach and make people have fun and learn about sexuality, please feel free to post a comment in any of our blog posts.