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How anal hooks can spice up your anal experience

By the time you are finished with this article, you’ll have a completely different look on the expression “Hook me up!” If you’re into anal play, you’ll probably enjoy the idea of toying with an anal hook. Let’s face it — butt plugs can only take us so far. They’re a great starting point, but nobody works out with 10lbs dumbbells their whole life. If you feel like it’s time to move on, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll cover what anal hooks are and how you can use them. We’ll also explain how you can maximize your pleasure, both as a Dom or as a sub. Let’s begin!

What is an anal hook?

Since you’re here reading an article about anal hooks, you’re probably familiar with how creative the BDSM community can be. Most sex toys out there are BDSM sex toys. They all have some relation to BDSM plays. Anal hooks are no different. They’re perfect for S&M couples who like butt sex but think anal toys such as beads and prostate massagers are no longer doing it for them.

Your knowledge about anal hooks shouldn’t be limited here in this article. That’s why we recommend you check this Lovegasm site for samples. You may also try to get one, so you don’t just see and read other people’s experiences.

Basically, anal hooks are made out of stainless steel, and, you’ll never guess, they look like a hook. On one side, there’s a ball (or balls, depending on the model), and on the other, there is a loop like an earring. The ball goes inside a sub’s butt, while the loop is there to give control to the Dom. You either hold it in your hand and walk your sub around, or you tie a rope through it. 

Oftentimes, anal hooks and bondage role play go well together. A common way of incorporating them is to tie the rope through the loop and around their neck/hair. That way, you can hog-tie them R. Kelly style.

Trust is a must

With anal hooks, it’s really important to trust your partner, whatever your role is. But it’s especially true if you’re a sub. For you to completely enjoy it, you need to trust your dominant partner that they will never do something you’re not into.

Additionally, it would be ideal to have a partner who’s already experienced with it. Anal hooks are not a beginner’s toy. It’s relatively easy to get injured with it if you’re not in the right position or if you move it about too vigorously. 

If your Dom tends to get overexcited and go over predetermined boundaries, don’t try out anal hooks with them. There’s nothing more humiliating than going to the E.R. with a hook up your bleeding ass.

Know your role

Just like with trust, it’s important to establish your role exactly and then act on it. If you’re into S&M, you have to communicate with your partner. If you’re a sub, define what kind of sub you are exactly. In other words, your partner should know what you like and how far they can go. So, when you define your role, behave accordingly.

As we’ve already said, these hooks are made out of steel. As such, they’re not flexible at all, and you can’t wriggle them around. Depending on the position you end up in, and the ball size of the hook, multiple parts of your body will be immovable. Your back will arch, and your chest will lift, and it will hurt too much to move. That’s predicament bondage. That is why it’s important to define whether you’re comfortable with that. You should always know your role.

Not your ordinary anal play

Some toys are more advanced than others. Basically, if you’ve never tried a dildo before, you’re not going to start with a 25-inch dragon dildo that will tickle your uvula. That’s that little dangly thing in the back of your mouth. The same goes for both anal or vaginal stimulation.

The first time you start playing with your anus, you want to start off easy. If you don’t use lube, and if you start with something too thick, it will be a nasty affair. Instead, you should start with butt plugs and anal beads and work your way up to bigger and greater things.

Anal hooks are not only more intrusive, but they’re also more impactful. As we’ve already said, the hook will put you in a predicament where you can’t move. As a Dom, you can tie up your sub and have them fully submit their body to your will.

That’s why these hooks go great with rope bondage play. You can tie them up with ropes and stop them from moving with the hook. Then, if you’re into impact play, you can punish them with whips and leftover ropes. There’s nothing more dominating than giving corporal punishment to someone who can’t do anything to avoid it. At the same time, your sub is getting aroused by your aggressiveness, all the while their anus is getting stimulated. Remember, S&M is for both of you.

Using a safe word

As with any other form of BDSM play, you must establish a safe word with your partner. We’ve already established that you need to have trust in your partner, and you must know your role. But, let’s face it, most BDSM plays sound more appealing than they actually are when you try them out. That’s especially true when you’re trying something new.

Think about the sub’s position in this fetish. They cannot move. They have a huge piece of steel up their ass that can tear them if they change position too suddenly. And if you’re whipping them, it’s highly likely they will move. They might be really submissive and think about how amazing this powerlessness feels great. But, once they’re actually in such a position, they might want to give up. Having a safe word allows them to do that and reevaluate their choices.

Pain and pleasure

Moving on from butt plugs to anal hooks is going for something more advanced. That’s like moving from G-league to the NBA. Butt plugs are there just to stimulate your anus and spread your sphincters. Hooks have a bondage element to them, and as always with bondage, pain is a part of it. If you like stimulating your ass, but you’re not into pain generally, then hooks may be a step too far for you.

Just remember, the pain mustn’t come from the hook itself. Anal should never be painful. Use a lot of lube and make sure you don’t get any internal damage. Otherwise, have fun, Captain Hook!

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