9 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Sexual Health

Just about everyone has latent HPV now. Get the vaccine already! Most sexual and reproductive health care is consumed by women, which puts them at more of a financial burden than men.

What Are the Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis and How Do I Know if I Have It?

Does something smell majorly off down there? Like, kind of fishy? It might be bacterial vaginosis, an infection so common that 1 in 3 girls will get it at some point during their lifetime.

8 Habits Of Couples In Sexually Satisfying Relationships

When life gets busy (and when isn’t it busy?), it’s easy for sex to become the very last thing on a couple’s never-ending to-do list. Putting sex on the back-burner again and again can lead to resentments, and the couple may even eventually find themselves in a sexless marriage.

The 11 Most Interesting Findings About Love And Sex In The Last Decade

From “sex recessions” to a dip in the divorce rate, there was no shortage of interesting findings and trends about relationships in the 2010s. As the decade comes to a close, we look back on 11 of the most interesting things we learned about love and relationships from the world of social science.

Sex tips that will make your relationship stronger

As a former advice columnist at the Museum of Sex and the founder of the Center for Erotic Intelligence who made the internal structure of the clitoris famous, sexologist Mal Harrison is undoubtedly capable of giving great sex advice. Yet it’s precisely because of these qualifications that she’s hesitant to make sweeping statements.

8 tips to have better and more intense orgasms, according to sex experts

Regardless of what you call it — climaxing, coming, or finishing — orgasms are often considered the peak of a sexual experience. However, they can also be a bit of an enigma, and, for some, difficult to achieve.