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How To Seduce a Man – 3 Basic Things Every Women Should Do To Attract A Man!

Picking up a man isn’t as difficult as people sometimes lead you to believe… But Learning to seduce men and to understand them is still an art form… an art form that you can master, Madam, starting this very instant!

In this first article from the series, seducing a man, we’re going to cover the basic rules you should know, along with a set of techniques and methods of seduction that will let you EFFECTIVELY seduce a man, with class and elegance!

Many of you visit the site, and it is our duty to serve you and especially to boost your knowledge of feminine seduction, or if you prefer, to sculpt it.

But before sharing the secrets of seduction that will enable you to capture any man you desire, let me tell you a secret.

As I explained in my first book , we men are like ON/OFF buttons. Simply press the ON button, and there you go! Meanwhile you ladies, you’re like volume buttons that move incrementally, we have to turn the volume up bit by bit, or in other words, we need a whole seduction arsenal to achieve our goals. See the difference.

I would also like to pay a small tribute to my first girlfriend, who seriously cruelly seduced me, and made me go totally crazy over her, and still managed to stay…

Classy and elegant! I’m grateful to her because, first of all, I am currently in Hawaii next to two beautiful supermodels while I write this article but, more importantly, because I’ll analyze all her diabolical little techniques and draw inspiration from them, and then I’ll add the techniques of feminized men, to give you, ladies, the best recipe for seducing men.

But seriously … I’m not in Hawaii, and I’m not next to a supermodel, it’s actually my cat who’s messing around with the mouse on my laptop, and keeping me from writing… Go on Hitch, get down! oh thank you now… (yes, his name is Hitch )

Let’s move on…

Men aren’t all jerks, as some desperate women say, and women aren’t all sluts, as Loser men say… everything is a question of…?



Here’s a list of tips that you can try out, use and adapt to attract your prince charming… oh yeah by the way, forget that stuff… Prince Charming doesn’t exist.

Be confident

Self-confidence… that’s a phrase I like. Would you like to bring every man to his knees?

Start the work of seduction on YOURSELF. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can keep wasting all your evenings watching Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives in your SpongeBob pajamas, which you bought for 99 cents… For the love of God, don’t underestimate yourself…

EVER! All women are beautiful, and EVERY woman has her charms, and her qualities. If you are less beautiful than other women, you SURELY have a very fine quality that others do not possess. If you have hang-ups, forget them! Nobody’s perfect and everyone has their own flaws!

Nowadays, and since time immemorial, beauty has always been considered something common, that everyone has, but today a woman with good qualities has become something rare [I’ll come back to this in the last paragraph] and exceptional! A woman with graceful and noble qualities is, precisely, a WOMAN…

So stop making dramas and comedies about yourselves, ladies … put your right hand on your heart, and repeat after me:

“Today, I accept myself, WITHOUT any conditions at all, I am a woman, and I can seduce every man that I want.”

Think about your Look

There’s nothing better than chatting and having conversations with a woman whose physical appearance is attractive! I respect women who take GOOD care of themselves, and invest heavily in their look.

Your mom probably tells you that beauty is on the inside and blah blah blah, but if you have a hairstyle shaped like an artichoke, wear super-large jeans and a supermarket shirt, men will avoid you like the plague… Beauty is, FIRST, external, if you don’t have style and class, no normally constituted man will give you a second glance.

Change your hairstyle more often, and if you can, try to grow long hair, it’s a typical sign of femininity. Invest in clothes that are more or less sexy and glamorous. In summer, wear skirts, it’s another sign of femininity… and you know what, burn all those masculine clothes you have in the closet, we HATE to see women dressed like men.

Before I forget, I’d like to give you a little tip… Keep several different perfumes! I remember this girl who wore a different perfume on every date, it made me go crazy every time I smelled a sensual and pleasant new scent. Try this trick and let me have your feedback.

Be a “rare” woman

Everything rare is expensive: the more we’re seen, the more we’re heard, the more we do, the more ordinary we seem. If you’re part of a group, stay away for a while and people will talk about you more, they’ll even admire you more. Practice absence: scarcity will increase your value.

In the excellent book by psychologist Robert Cialdini, Influence and Persuasion, the author discusses the principle of scarcity as a weapon of mass persuasion and, appropriately, seduction goes together perfectly with the art of influence and persuasion. Therefore, ladies, use scarcity as your weapon.

Make yourself into a woman who is rare and special, today’s men can’t stand conventional and ordinary women, all interesting men are TOO demanding on this point. You can tell him you’re using kegel balls to improve yourself or let him notice the urethral plugs worn by you. In general, a situation of scarcity makes us react in a way that clouds and diminishes our powers of judgment, and pleasure no longer consists in enjoying something rare, but SOLELY in possessing it.

In other words, as soon as a man sees you as a special woman, trust me ladies, your work of seduction has definitely achieved its goal… it’s in the bag!

To put it in different terms, the “Romeo and Juliet” effect is probably the most widespread phenomenon associated with the principle of scarcity, so in fact, the more the parents oppose a relationship, the more united the couple will be.

In this situation, the sensation of loss we feel will drive us to focus more and more on the other person, blindly and with every means at our disposal.

Make use of this principle of persuasion, don’t give him the impression that you’re seduced and already won over.

Woman making a striptease

And how do you seduce a man while remaining natural?

That’s the question I’ve focused on in recent years, in order to provide THE right answer! In fact, if you want to seduce men you have to start by seducing YOURSELF.

Next, you need to master the techniques of communication, confidence and, finally, optionally, the techniques of seduction.

Additionally, you should adopt and develop the mindset of the seductive woman, and you’ll be surprised to see CLEARLY that the secret codes of seduction, have become a child’s game for you.

I’ve prepared and assembled everything in a single book, The Seductress’s Guide.

This book, let’s be honest, is not about transforming you into some kind of tease or man-eater.

No, far from it…

Personally, I am firmly convinced that if you want to learn to be seductive, you must:

Develop self-confidence

-Work on your personality to make it attractive
-Master the art of communication with others (the better you communicate, the better your basic level of seduction)
-Take care of your appearance and image; and finally:
-Know the techniques of seduction, and adopt those that suit YOU!

There is no magic formula in the galaxy of seduction. But there is the work you do on yourself, and what’s known as personal development. That’s the motto of my philosophy.

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