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15 Seduction Techniques to Deeply Woo Anyone & Make Them Yours

When it comes to making someone yours, you’ll have to figure out some seduction techniques that’ll get the job done. We have some of the best.
Everyone has their own unique way of turning people on. It’s like having signature seduction techniques that reel people in and makes them fall for you. The difficult part of this process is figuring out what yours is. How do you seduce someone in your own, unique way?

We all have our go-tos when it comes to picking someone up. Even if we don’t realize what we’re doing, we still do it. But if you really aren’t sure what yours is or you’re looking for seduction techniques that actually work, we can help.

Not everyone can be seduced in the same way

Something that’s really sexy to one person won’t be attractive at all to the next. It really depends on who you’re trying to woo and what you know about them. Your standard method of making them yours might not work.

That’s why it’s important to have some backup techniques to try. Yes, you want someone to like you for who you are but you could be great for them if they give you the time of day. In order to get that time, you’ll want to try different things to turn them on and make them yours.

Seduction techniques that’ll help you win over anyone

If the person you’re pursuing isn’t picking up on the hints you’re laying down, it might be time to change tactics. These are our best methods for seducing someone and making them want to get to know you more.

1 Ask questions. This might not seem like it’s all that seductive but when you ask the right questions, it works. Not only that, but wanting to get to know someone better is just sexy as is. If you’re making an effort, the other person will notice and like it.

2 Smile often. There’s something really sexy about someone who smiles a lot. Your knowing grin can be enough to seduce someone by itself. Make sure to keep the mood light and smile as much as you can – so long as it’s warranted. Make them want to know why you’re smiling so much.

3 Laugh at their jokes. People always find those who think they’re funny to be more attractive. Even if the joke isn’t super funny, laugh anyway. You may just find that the more you laugh, the closer they get. Just don’t make it obnoxious or fake because that’s not seductive at all.

4 Engage in some innocent touches. And by “innocent,” I mean light, non-suggestive touches. You can just graze their shoulder as you laugh at their joke or barely touch the small of her back as you guide her through the bar. The point is, you can’t just slap their butt or do any groping.

The small touches work to increase the intimacy and the more you touch them, the more comfortable they’ll feel around you. That combination is dangerously seductive.

5 Move in closer. But do this in a very subtle way. You don’t want them to be able to tell that you’re inching in closer. They should look up and suddenly realize you’re very close and they want to kiss you. Whenever you begin to talk again, just inch a tad bit closer until that gap is closed. The closer you are, the more intimate it feels.

6 Keep your voice low and slow. For some reason, this just indicates a more romantic and intimate moment. When you’re talking so quietly that they have to lean in to hear you, you close the space and it’s automatically sexier.

7 Lick or bite your lips. Don’t chomp down on your bottom lip like you’re trying to puncture it. However, one of the best seduction techniques is simply licking and very gently biting your bottom lip. It makes the other person focus on your lips and how much they’d like to bite them.

8 Tilt your head as you lean in to talk. One way to make someone feel very special and in turn, seduce them, is by tilting your head slightly as you lean in to whisper something sexy.

This allows you to move in even closer without making them feel uncomfortable. They’ll get used to this proximity and that’ll make it easier for you to get in even closer.

9 Let them catch your eyes wandering over their body. Basically, just check them out. But make sure they see you doing it. Sometimes this can be a little risky if you haven’t already secured their trust but once you’re in, do it. This will make them feel special and show them you’re interested. Both of which are very seductive techniques.

10 Be fully engaged in what they have to say. Don’t have a wandering eye when they’re talking to you about something they really want you to know. Not only does that make you look rude, but it’ll show them you don’t care about them. That’s the opposite of what you want.

11 Make prolonged eye contact. The best thing about seducing someone is that eye contact won’t be awkward at all. You can make prolonged eye contact while flirting or even complimenting them and it’ll work to seduce them instead of creep them out. Just make sure you’ve been chatting for a bit first.

12 Quietly flirt. The key here is to not make a big deal about it. When you keep your voice low and the flirting quiet, it creates a bubble. The only two people in that bubble are you and that other person. This level of intimacy can be very arousing.

13 Touch your lips. It’s all about bringing the focus to something sensual and in this instance, it’s your lips. Casually touch your lips or rest your hand on your face in such a way that you can rub your bottom lip with your thumb. Making them notice your lips will get them thinking about what you can do with them.

14 Smile and look away bashfully. This is a very specific move that can show the other person how much you like them and are affected by them. It’s basically all about showing them you’re interested. This simply move makes you seem bashful and even a little intimidated. And so some people, that’s very sexy.

15 Be blunt about how you feel. Just tell the other person you like them and want to get to know them on a much deeper level. If you have the confidence to pull this off, then do it. Some people are extremely turned on by straightforwardness and you can really use it to your advantage and seduce them extensively.

These seduction techniques will help you woo just about anyone when used properly. Remember that each person is different and to figure out how they respond to each before switching things up.

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